What is a Brand Discovery?

It’s the direction the brand is going for, keeping in mind the target and how to approach them by creating a connection. Definies the brand persona, buyer persona, tone of voice, strategies, and so much more. Essential package has a basic Brand Discovery. Enhanced package has a complete material with the brandbook + brand identity.

Do I have ilimited revisions?

Sure! The only thing that you need to be aware is the schedule, as soon I finished it will start the time to do revisions, and everything you want to change needs to be following the time already set up.

Whats the difference between Essential and Enhanced packages?

No difference in the quality of the logo. The Essential package has all the basic elements from colors to advertising, and brand identity. On the other hand, the Enhanced package has everything complete like colors, brand discovery, brandbook, brand identity, info for marketing, etc… With Essential you are ready to start and at some point, you will need what Enhanced has, with Enhanced you go beyond and will have all the tools right away to do whatever you need, ex.: If you need to build a website and do Google ads, with the Enhanced package you will have not just the website design preview but also numbers and information to do Google ads, also how to talk to your audience, your tone of voice, brand persona, and 3 extras of your choice to help you achieve your goals, and so much more.

What happens if I don't like any of the concepts?

I’ll do my best to deliver something that you will like, but keep in mind that sometimes we need to sacrifice what we like to achieve success. Let’s say: Your favorite color is neon pink, but your audience is kids aged 1-5y, neon pink does not work with those kids nor their parents, so I would need to change the color for a pastel palette or yellows, etc… I have years of experience, and I like to do extensive research to know what is works for you. From the colors to the fonts, I’ll not pick randomly, I’ll pick something that will be effective for your audience. I’ll keep your preferences in mind, but your target will be my main direction because they need to see your logo and be attractive to them. But if in the worst scenario, you still do not like my concepts and are not happy with revisions, we can stop the project, but the 50% is not refundable.

Brand Identity X Brandbook

While the Brand Identity is the document about the logo guidelines… The Brandbook is about the brand discovery guidelines, a document where you can improve communication with your target using brand discovery as the main tool. Essential package you have basic versions of both, Enhanced package you receive both complete documents.

After the project is done, can I ask for revisions?

Sure, but these extra revisions after we finish will have some extra fee on them.

Can I put a 'hold on" on the project?

Yes, you can. In this case, the 50% will not be reimbursed and I’ll keep the files up to 3 months, after that it will be deleted. To start the project after 3 months the 50% will no longer be discounted, a new price will be applied.

Is there Illustrator and Photoshop files?

I do not work with these type of files. But, I deliver EPS vector and PDF vector, both can be open on Illustrator without a problem. Photoshop is not used to do professional vector designs, this is because Photoshop is used for photo editing, not vector designs.

How long do you keep my files with you?

If the work is completed, I keep the files up to 1 year. But, I recommend you to store your files in a secure place like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc…

Character Design X Mascot

If the brand contains any animate element (has life, in contrast to things like stones and machines which do not), then is a character design, ex.: Lor Artist logo (fox). And a mascot is en extra animated persona, to use as extra elements. Could be in just one pose or different poses. A mascot is not a logo/brand, it is just something to use to connect more with the audience. Ex.: Tony the Tiger from Kellogg cereal; Lor Artist mascot the girl (me) in the laptop in the footer of this website.

Can I have an illustration as my logo?

No. Logos are really simple and easy to remember, illustrations are complex and do not possible to use as a logo. If you need an illustration, I’ll be glad to assist.

Do you teach technical information?

Everything about how to use vector software, apps, how to open files, Dropbox settings… I don’t teach. The best is to have someone with tech knowledge to assist you with technical support. Please, do not request this kind of information, teaching is not something I do. But feel free to give a look at my Wiki.

Which software do you do the logos?

I use Affinity Designer. But do not worry, I do not use any exclusive effect from it, so you receive your files in EPS and PDF and you can open in any vector software you like without compatibility problems.

What about the Font used in my logo?

Fonts name or file (if free) are included in all packages. Please note: For premium fonts that you need to buy for use, I’ll add the price on your order.

What about copyrights?

After everything finished, I”ll send you a simple document that gives you the copyrights and also some rules and my contact if need to talk to me. This document has no law power but is what you need to officialize a Registered Mark® in your country.

Do you have terms and conditions?

At the time, no. So, I use this FAQ as a base. Effective the first payment (50%), I understand you have read aware of everything on the FAQ.