Welcome to Hunter Designer Blog =D

Hi there! This is my first post here, and I need to be honest, I’m a little anxious, but let’s get started!

My name is Lorrane from Brazil, I’m a Graphic Designer Freelancer, Digital Nomad, and a beginner in Illustration. I already lived in Brazil for a while and I’m looking for a new adventure out there.

I have more than 7 years of experience in Graphic Design, I’m working as a freelancer for almost 3 years and now living and working as a Digital Nomad for more than 1 year (and loving it). Currently, I found a passion for illustration so I’m studying to build up my skills in illustration, doing hand-drawn logos (and I discovered that I just love this kind of design).

But, with all these years of experience, I could notice a lack of information from clients, and technical details, and almost every client has the same questions. With this in mind I started to think about a blog not for designers, but to help clients to understand the power of a good design, to understand some tools that make life easier, to show the difference from an illustration to a hand-drawn logo, to explain why there’s a difference between RGB and CMYK, etc…

I hope to build here a place where people that don’t understand the technical details could be able to find solutions in an easier way. I’ll not bring tutorials explaining how to create a logo using software, but I’ll show how a good logo has to be, what color is the best and why not to use Comic Sans or Great Vibes as a font in your brand.  

Please, be my guest! Sit comfortably in the chair and take the time to ask questions or find solutions on my blog. If you need anything, just let me know 🙂

Until the next post! See ya