Why do I use Affinity Designer instead of Adobe Illustrator?

When I started to work with graphic design in 2010, I started in a print shop in a small city in Brazil. Back then, Corel Draw was the “must be” in all the print shops. I had to learn Corel to be able to work in the print shop, so this was the first vector software that I was getting in touch with.

Adobe Illustrator was present only in big advertising agencies or “high-end designers and illustrators” and also one of the requirements to use a software like that was to have “a powerful machine”, let’s remember this was 10 years ago, so for a print shop in a small city, a really good machine was not an option, and if everyone in the same tree uses Corel WHY change to Illustrator and have toons of headache? So, Corel remained.

I left the print shop to work as a self-employed, but I kept doing print work, so having the Corel was still a must. But with the years going by I was leaving the print behind and working only with digital designs. At this point, Corel was not a must anymore. And I was not very satisfied with how old and not refined the software was. I needed something more “up to date”, and Adobe Illustrator was what I was looking for – well, I thought this. And I tried to make it work, but not succeeded.

Adobe Illustrator had too many options, everything that I tried to do was too many steps, and very “heavy” software too, my laptop was a high-ending at the time and still not enough for Illustrator to work smoothly.

I got so frustrated because Corel was insufficient and I couldn’t adapt to Illustrator nether. One day, my husband–boyfriend at the time, sent me a video about a new vector software called Affinity Designer by Serif, and I was like OMG I need this. I subscribed to the beta and well, love at first sight.

What amazing software! It was what I was looking for. Simple, practical, and up to date. I adapt super quickly and in two days I was not touching Corel anymore, and everything that I need to do I was doing so much more rapidly, with better design and the best: Enjoying the workflow.

Affinity Designer changed how I work

I was craving for some software that gives me a thrill to work with, and Affinity Designer was that for me. This is not a paid publish, I’m just bringing my personal store behind my love for this software.

Today I use Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my desktop, and on my Ipad Pro I use Affinity Designer, here is where all my logos are made. I use my Ipad to do all the cute drawings on affinity and then I upload them to my PC to finish all the brand details, graphic design and etc… on affinity.

Affinity Designer changed how I work and how I feel about my work, it gave me passion, faster workflow, and a better quality of my work. Again, this is not a paid publish, Serif does an amazing job with Affinity that speaks for itself. Do I think that Affinity is the Adobe killer? Hell yes, don’t get me wrong, Adobe is great, but they should watch over their shoulders ?.

I hope you had enjoyed my store behind Affinity Designer and if would be interesting to know my workflow, software that I use, equipment, etc… you can read here. See you next post.

See ya!